Ananda Bhairav on Sitar


AnandaBhairavRaga Ananda Bhairav is a very rare raga. This raga is a Collector’s Item. Pt. Sanjoy Bandopadhyay presented a brilliant depiction of the raga on the sitar.


AnandaBhairavAnanada Bhairava is a rare variety of the Bhairav. This raga takes komal rishav, both the nishads and the rest are shudh svaras. The raga shows Bilaval components including the Komal-Nishad of Alahiya in the P to S’ region when it shows Bhairav ang in the S to P region. It takes PNDNS’ of Bilaval and profusely use different Bhairav combinations like r G M P G M r S. It also a  bit of komal nishad, e.g. S’ N D P D n D P M G M r.

Pt. Sanjoy Bandopadhyay presented an outstanding renedering of ‘Ananda Bhairav’ on his sitar. Dilip Mukherjee provided a perfectly matched tabla support.



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