On Recording

home-recording-studioMee Records [Music You Love to Possess] suggests the following simple set-up for an acceptably good recording quality.

  • Please use individual microphone for each instruments/vocals.
  • The spillovers from other channels MUST be restricted. If required, microphone shield can be used.
  • Use a Standard quality audio interface (sound card).
  • All the microphone should be cardioid / hyper-cardioid condenser microphones (AKG, RODE, Sennheiser, etc.)
  • All the XLR (mic wire), Line Inputs should be noise free.
  • All the Monitoring system (Headphone) during recording should be standard quality.
  • Mixing should be done in a standard DAW [Digital Audio Workstation].
  • Use a standard quality near-field studio monitor to monitor the recording.
  • Please record using higher sample rate, e.g. 48 k/96 k and 24 bit. This can be later down-sampled to 44.1 KHz and 16 bit.
The above suggestions came from Mr. Navonil. Navonil is an audio engineer. He is involved in several audio projects in films and music. He is also connected to a number of international film projects. Sitar is his passion.