FAQ by Music Lovers

FAQ2Here are some Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] by music lovers those consider to buy music albums shelved by Mee Records [Music You Love to Possess]. This page will expand as we receive more questions.

Q 1. Why should I consider buying Mee Records [Music You Love to Possess] presented music?

A 1. Please read the musical content offered by Mee Records [Music You Love to Possess]. The music may not be available elsewhere! As Mee Records only present brilliant musicians, you will love the renderings and will be glad that you obtained them.

Q 2. How do I know that I am buying some interesting music?

A 2. This is easy! Please read the sleeve note of all the singles when buying an album, please study the album/singles cover art. All these details will immediately give you the feel that you are about to possess something loving and very interesting!

Q 3. I do not frequently hear the names of the musicians of the featured albums. Why should I buy an album of such a musician?

A 3. This is an interesting question. India is full of wonderful talents and only a few of them are known to the public; we ALL know this. Mee Records [Music You Love to Possess] sincerely tries to study the Musical Impact Levels of the musicians and tries to *objectively match* with the impact levels of very famous musicians. All the featured musicians have satisfied the ears of a group of listeners before their albums are put to the MR shelves.  Mee Records is confident that a serious music lover like you will be glad that you have chosen Mee Records.

Note: Feel free to browse the whole site when you have time. This will possibly answer to your other queries. If you have more queries, please do not hesitate to send your queries to us. For posting queries please go to *Contact* page. We shall be glad to hear from you. YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US.