FAQ by Album Artists

FAQHere are some answers to the frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] by the musicians those consider to present their music through Mee Records.

Q 1. Why should I opt for Mee Records?

A1. You may consider Mee Records [Music You Love to Possess] because Mee Records [MR] will try to sincerely market your music. The news of your Music Album and Singles will reach tens of thousands of people, if not millions. You are brilliant!  It is good that huge number of open minded music lovers will receive the opportunity to listen to your exceptional creations. They will enjoy your unique thoughts and different colours.

Q2. Why people will buy my music when so many music are floating around for free?

A2. Mee Records [Music You Love to Possess] will work with you to assist you in designing music plans those are NOT available under free distributions. Once a rendering is unique, pleasant and interesting, it is expected to attract music lovers’ attention. When it successfully attracts attention, your music is expected  to start selling! You are a brilliant musician. Mee Records believes that your music will be able to achieve this.

Q 3. How my music will be distributed?

A3. The primary platform for your music distribution will be the Internet which is the most powerful distribution platform today. There are a few CD outlets too. Depending on your requirements, your music will be distributed worldwide or in pre-identified countries or only in India.

Note: Feel free to browse the whole site when you have time. This will possibly answer to your other queries. If you have more queries, please send us your queries. We shall be glad to hear from you. YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US.


Album Cover Design

DesignAlbum cover or CD cover design or inlay cards, all are very important in CD or album presentations. These are the first gate to the albums. The music lovers first look at the album cover and then decide whether they wish to know more about the product. So, album designs should be thoughtfully and attractively done. Mee Records [Music You Love to Possess] is primarily focused to the offered musical contents. This is different from the usual marketing strategy of using a musician’s popularity as one of the primary tools to penetrate the market. As Mee Records’ penetration strategy is on its musical content the cover designs MUST MATCH this. Mee Records will request for 67% to 100% of the front cover space to be devoted to the concept of the music album or Theme of the Album.  Wiki writes about the composition sizes, please go through the following passage:

“A jewel CD case is a compact disc case that has been used since the compact disc was first released in 1982. It is a three-piece plastic case, measuring 142 mm × 125 mm × 10 mm (5.59 in × 4.92 in × 0.39 in), a volume of 177.5 cm³, which usually contains a compact disc along with the liner notes and a back card. Two opposing transparent halves are hinged together to form the casing, the back half holding a media tray that grips the disc by its hole. All three parts are made of injection-moulded polystyrene.

The front lid contains two, four, or six tabs to keep any liner notes in place. The liner notes typically will be a 120 mm × 120 mm (4.72 in × 4.72 in) booklet, or a single 242 mm × 120 mm (9.53 in × 4.72 in) leaf folded in half. In addition, there is usually a back card, 150 mm × 118 mm (5.9 in × 4.65 in), underneath the media tray and visible through the clear back, often listing the track names, studio, copyright data and other information. The back card is folded into a flattened “U” shape, with the sides being visible along the ends (often referred to as the spine) of the case. The ends usually have the name of the release and the artist, and often label or catalogue information printed on them, and are designed to be visible when the case is stored vertically, ‘book-style’, on shelves.” (Wikipedia 2016)

Please discuss your design plans with Mee Records. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

For the CD design we shall supply you the sizes of Front Cover, Back Cover and Spines. The designer will use 300 dpi and CMYK setting. Please let Mee Records have:

  1. Front cover design [One fold with both side printable design] as two tiff files.
  2. Back cover design that will include the spines [one side  printable design] as tiff file.


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. “Optical disc packaging.” Wikipedia. 5 7, 2016. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_disc_packaging (accessed 5 16, 2016).


Plan the Music for Your Music Album

ThinkMee Records requests the Album Artists to put in good thoughts to plan the music album for Mee Records. We would recommend the musicians to kindly consider the following points and sequentially go through the steps detailed below. Mee Records will be glad to be with you in this process. MR understands that this area is NOT too easy to crack and requires heavy brain churning. We are very glad that a brilliant musician like you has chosen Mee Records. Here is how we can start thinking.

  1. Jot down 7 to 11 musical pieces that you wish to record.
    • Most of the pieces will be between 5 to 7 minutes.
    • There may be one or two longer pieces but usually NOT longer than 20 minutes.
    • Total duration adding all the music pieces should be around 70 minutes.
  2. Try to plan a theme and choose pieces matching the theme idea. OR Try to build a theme based on all the chosen pieces.
    • Plan for each item interestingly. Try to instil some amount of uniqueness in the pieces so that the piece becomes uniquely good and NOT available for free in free music distribution network like You Tube.
    • Create title for the album where all the pieces will be included and also individual titles for each musical piece/singles.
    • Try to think of some idea that, you believe, will cater to the liking of a band of music lovers. Try asking yourself, what kind of music lovers or connoisseurs may like to possess your music.
  3. Review your plan and try to make it better.
  4. Discuss with representatives of Mee Records. Finalize music making plan after discussing with Mee Records.

Now, the Album Artist/s and Mee Records may start readying and focus on their follow-up execution plans.