Offers & Services

serviceOffers to the featured main Recording Musicians/bands

  1. Free coupons worth Rs. 1000/- to buy publications of other musicians showcased by Mee Records.
  2. Featuring signing artists/bands may obtain their Audio CDs at 40% discount.
  3. Featuring signing artists/band will receive 20% royalty on the digital downloads and 5% royalty on the Audio CD sales. That means the artist receives Rs. 20 per digital download of a piece priced of Rs.100 or will receive Rs. 12.50 on sale of an Audio CD priced Rs. 250.
  4. The accumulated money will be automatically transferred to the artist’s bank account when the amount reaches Rs. 1000.

The publishing musician/band must declare:

  1. The musician’s/band’s submitted pieces to Mee Records has NO CLAIM of any third party.
  2. The musician offers the music for sole distribution and marketing by the Mee Records.
  3. The musician’s claim to Mee Records will be limited to the claim of accumulated royalty, that are, (1) 20% price of digital downloads of the music by the claiming musician and (2) 5% of the price of the sold Audio CDs with music of the claiming musician.
  4. The musician may normally claim when the royalty crosses Rs. 1000.00.
  5. The musician will declare that s/he will NOT record the same piece/same raga as submitted to Mee Records by him/her for any other recording company for the next 5 years.

Other notable points for the musicians publishing music singles/albums with Mee Records.

  1. The musicians will discuss his/her music planning with Mee Records before going for recording. THIS IS IMPORTANT.
  2. The recording quality MUST satisfy the MR requirements.
  3. The studio recordings are normally required. In case of very high quality live recordings, live recordings may be considered provided the piece meets MR music planning requirements.
  4. All recordings must be submitted in 44.1 KHz sampling rate in wav format.
  5. The musician will give at least two recordings for each musical piece for MR to choose from.
  6. The musician will bear the recording and artist payments (if any) expenses.
  7. The musician will bear the album design expenses.
  8. For global launching of a Music Album will be Rs. 8500.00
  9. For launching and distributions within India the charges will be Rs. 4900.00
  10. The musicians must purchase minimum 10 CDs if s/he goes for Audio CD publications. The musicians are expected to buy at least 10 digital download coupons for download of his/her own singles/album. The artist’s discount will be applicable.