The Concept

cropped-LogoMergedTM.jpgMee Records [Music You Love to Possess] is a concept dedicated to make available the finest music to the music lovers. Mee Records [Music You Love to Possess] chooses the contents through elaborate pick and choose method to present the best. Mee Records [MR] knows that India is a rich country and it is proud to possess high number of outstanding or highly proficient musicians. Only few of them receive high recognition or receive the attention of the music lovers in the country and around the globe. The reason is simple. The process of recognition is in itself a complicated process and far different from the process of music renderings. MR is interested to discover these highly proficient musicians and open an opportunity to the music lovers to listen more and listen differently good. Mee Records [Music You Love to Possess] takes all efforts to make available Elevated Music that is away from the routine that the general music lovers usually listen from the famous few.

Mee Records is confident that it will be able to offer sensibly good music shelves. The music lovers will be glad to find the shelves where they will find carefully chosen music, where they can rely on the quality and authenticity. We plan to achieve this by effectively asserting high objectivity in the music discovery process. All the music are picked very carefully. The deeply nurtured dedication to the art and tradition, high aesthetic sensitivity are the two magic wands that help in discovering the finest art creations. Here the sensitive musical content is a high priority. Mee Records has a devoted team of music lovers that suggests what to consider, what to pick up, what to pack and offer. Here only Music Matters…!