Plan the Music for Your Music Album

ThinkMee Records requests the Album Artists to put in good thoughts to plan the music album for Mee Records. We would recommend the musicians to kindly consider the following points and sequentially go through the steps detailed below. Mee Records will be glad to be with you in this process. MR understands that this area is NOT too easy to crack and requires heavy brain churning. We are very glad that a brilliant musician like you has chosen Mee Records. Here is how we can start thinking.

  1. Jot down 7 to 11 musical pieces that you wish to record.
    • Most of the pieces will be between 5 to 7 minutes.
    • There may be one or two longer pieces but usually NOT longer than 20 minutes.
    • Total duration adding all the music pieces should be around 70 minutes.
  2. Try to plan a theme and choose pieces matching the theme idea. OR Try to build a theme based on all the chosen pieces.
    • Plan for each item interestingly. Try to instil some amount of uniqueness in the pieces so that the piece becomes uniquely good and NOT available for free in free music distribution network like You Tube.
    • Create title for the album where all the pieces will be included and also individual titles for each musical piece/singles.
    • Try to think of some idea that, you believe, will cater to the liking of a band of music lovers. Try asking yourself, what kind of music lovers or connoisseurs may like to possess your music.
  3. Review your plan and try to make it better.
  4. Discuss with representatives of Mee Records. Finalize music making plan after discussing with Mee Records.

Now, the Album Artist/s and Mee Records may start readying and focus on their follow-up execution plans.